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St. Louis Area
Mobile Notary Services

Looking for A Notary Near You? We are centrally located in Clayton, servicing all of St. Louis

We are the largest and most reliable provider of mobile notary services in the St. Louis area.

  • Same-Day Appointments Available
  • Available 7 Days a Week
  • Reliable. Responsive. Punctual.
  • Fully Vaccinated, Boosted, and Masked
  • All Forms of Payment Accepted

St. Louis Area
Mobile Notary Services

Looking for A Notary Near You? Our Mobile notary services are available wherever you need!

We are the largest and most reliable provider of notary services in the St. Louis area.

  • Same-Day Appointments Available
  • Available 7 Days a Week
  • Reliable. Responsive. Punctual.
  • Fully Vaccinated, Boosted, and Masked
  • All Forms of Payment Accepted
$100,000 of Errors & Omissions Insurance
Annual Background Check
$10,000 Surety Bond

Our Notary Process

Give us 30 minutes and we'll get your problem solved, guaranteed!


When you call, text, or email Clayton Mobile Notary, you will be connected with a qualified and certified Notary Public in the State of Missouri. Our experienced team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding notarization services.


Just let us know what services we can help you with and provide the zip code or the town where the signing will take place! We will verify that the signer has valid identification, such as a driver's license or a US Passport.


We schedule the appointment for a time and place that is most convenient for you!

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Notary Signing

Transparent Pricing

$5 Per Signature

$45 Travel Fee

+$20 On Weekends & After 6

St. Louis Notary Services

We Are Authorized To Notarize All Documents Capable of a Missouri Notary Public

Basic Services

Acknowledgments | Jurats | Certified Copies | Affidavits | Powers of Attorney | Hospital Notarization's | Wills | Divorce

Loan Closings/Documents

Loan Modifications | Refinances | Mortgages | Home Equity Loans | Purchases | Piggy-Back Loans | Automobile Loans

Miscellaneous Notary Documents

Bills of Sale | Department of Motor Vehicle Ownership Transfers | Vital Records Copy Requests | Adoption packages | Statements of Financial Support | Medical Documents

Travel Documents

Travel Affidavits (for one parent traveling out of country with minor child)

Real-Estate Documents

Grant/Quitclaim/Warrant Deeds | Subordination Agreements | Trust Documents/Certifications of Trust

Other Notary Document Types

Bank Documents | Immigration Documents | School Documents | Voting Documents | Employment Verification Documents | I9 Forms

What Our Clients Say

Reviews Left for Clayton Mobile Notary on Google

This was an excellent experience from beginning to end! Charlie was very responsive, easy to contact, and so personable and professional. He practices and respects social distancing, which is the main reason I sought this service. Everything was so easy to set up. I am so grateful for the peace of mind this service provides.

Ebony N

Charlie was very responsive and quick to act! We had a last minute notary requirement and he was available and happy to help!

Jacob P

I have used Charlie at Clayton Mobile Notary many times over last few years for notarized documents. He is easy to schedule and work with. Had a potential urgent matter and he was willing to go out of his way to help us .. very much appreciated. Highly recommended.

Robert C

Charlie's service is excellent! He responds to calls immediately and honors his commitment to appointments. I would recommend Clayton Mobile Notary to anyone looking for notary services on demand and the flexibility of their being available at your home, office, or other location.

Dawn S

About Us

About Clayton Mobile Notary - A St. Louis Notary Public

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Charlie Donovan - St. Louis NotaryWelcome To Clayton Mobile Notary

Welcome to Clayton Mobile Notary –a Missouri notary service available to the entire St. Louis area. We are the largest and most reliable provider of notary services in the St. Louis area, and we proudly serve St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis. We understand that your time is valuable, so we make it easy by coming directly to you – just let us know when and where is most convenient for you, and we will be there.

The search for a notary can be overwhelming and time-consuming. With so many things at stake – from money and healthcare to real estate transactions and legal documents – the need for a notary can be an incredibly stressful situation. It can be difficult to figure out when and how to get a document notarized and the consequences of a notarial mistake can be costly or even delay the filing of important documents. To avoid any potential problems, it is essential to find a reliable, knowledgeable notary who can handle your requirements with ease.

Very few St. Louis mobile notary professionals offer the peace of mind that we can offer. All our notaries are members of the National Notary Association and have passed a comprehensive background check. Additionally, we require our notaries to carry $100,000 of Errors & Omissions Insurance and have posted a surety bond with the State of Missouri. This guarantees that you are protected from potential fraud or errors committed by the notary. These credentials, along with our exceptional service and commitment to your convenience, ensure St. Louis mobile notary professionals are the best choice for your notarization needs.

Our Experience

For over three decades, the founder of Clayton Mobile Notary has been providing clients with reliable notarial services. This extensive wealth of knowledge spanning a variety of notarial documents ensures that your paperwork is handled with precision, confidentiality, and in full compliance with Missouri state law. With Clayton Mobile Notary, you can trust that your documents are in good hands.

We’ve been trusted in providing notary services to the top law firms, title companies, and real estate brokerage firms in the St. Louis region since 2008. Our experienced team is capable of handling both complex legal transactions and simple documents such as Powers of Attorney. With a long track record of 100% customer satisfaction, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest quality of service. Contact us today by phone, text, or email to get started!

Our Mission

Since our founding in 2008, we have been proud to offer our exemplary services to over 10,000 people in the metropolitan area. At St. Louis Mobile Notary, we are committed to providing an outstanding customer experience to each and every one of our clients. Our mission is to facilitate the entire notarial process quickly and accurately, so that you can have peace of mind. We work by appointment, and can usually travel to your location in under thirty minutes from the time we receive your call, text, or email. Our clients frequently praise us for our prompt response time and the quality of our work, both of which we guarantee with a full refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Commonly Asked of a St. Louis Missouri Notary Public

Notary Meeting

Can a Missouri notary public notarize in the state of Illinois?

Unfortunately, no. 

With the State of Illinois just a short drive from downtown St. Louis, it would make sense that a Notary Public City of St. Louis could legally notarize for clients who are physically located in Illinois. However, it would be against the law for a Missouri Notary Public to notarize a document in the state of Illinois. According to the Illinois Secretary of State, “every applicant to be appointed and commissioned to perform notarial acts in Illinois must be a resident of Illinois or have full time employment in the State of Illinois.” So unfortunately, we are unable to help out our friends in Illinois.

Can a Missouri mobile notary notarize documents created in the state of Illinois, but are to be notarized in the state of Missouri?

Yes, as long as the notarial act is taking place in the State of Missouri, we can legally perform the notarization. 

Sometimes we get calls from concerned customers that the document that they need to be notarized was created in an Illinois County and that the notarial language on the document refers to both the Illinois County and The State of Illinois. That’s not a problem. It would be a simple two-step process. First, we would cross out the name of the Illinois County, initial the change and replace it with the name of the Missouri County where the actual notarization is taking place. Secondly, we would cross out Illinois, initial the change and replace it with Missouri. It is that simple. The same process can take place with every state and county in the United States as long as the notarization is taking place in the State of Missouri.

Our Notary Public stamp says St. Louis County on it, can we notarize in St. Louis City?

Yes. Let’s take a closer look at the language on a Clayton Mobile Notary’s notary stamp, because it contains several important pieces of information. 

At the top of the stamp it gives the notary’s full name as registered with the State of Missouri. The second line on the stamp lists the notary’s title, ‘Notary Public’, and identifies this stamp as being that individual notary’s Notary Seal. The third line lists ‘St. Louis County-State of Missouri’. 

If you are a resident of St. Louis County, you must be sworn in by the St. Louis County Clerk in order to be commissioned by the State of Missouri. If you move to another County in the State of Missouri, you would be required to be sworn in by the County clerk of your new residence. For example, if you move just a few miles away from the County to be a Notary Public City St. Louis, the Circuit Clerk with St. Louis City would swear you in. You would also be required to obtain a new notary stamp to reflect the new residency. But as a St. Louis County notary, you can notarize any document in St. Louis City or any county in the State of Missouri.

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